Sample Agenda

Tau Kappa Epsilon


I. Call to order

II. Roll Call

III. Approve Minutes

IV. Reports

A. Officer Reports

1. Epiprytanis

2. Grammateus

3. Crysophylos

4. Histor

5. Hypophetes

6. Pylortes

7. Hegemon

B. Committee Reports

1. Philanthropy Committee

2. MQB

3. Risk Management Committee

4. Athletic Committee

5. IGA Representative Report

6. Rush Committee

7. Social Committee

V. State of Chapter Address by Prytanis

VI. Old Business:

VII. New Business

VIII. Announcements

IX. Recap/ Teke of the Week/ LD

X. Passing of Gavel

XI. Closing

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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