Hello Brothers!!! Welcome to the TKE Pi Mu web site.

The TKE Pi Mu web site was created to foster the TKE spirit among Actives and many decades of Alumni.

Our TKE Alumni mentors our Pi Mu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon and plans social and philanthropic events just like a chapter.

With this web site, we announce both Alumni and Chapter news.  We Showcase individual Alumni fraters through our “Teke of the Week” page.  Our Pi Mu history including pledge classes, and the Scroll are also available. {Note: The Password to view the scroll is #1’s Nick Name in all lowercase letters} Photos are shared through our photo album.  TKE symbolism can be remembered while donating to our endowment fund. Rest assured, those who donate will be recognized on the Wall of Charity. You can join or see what our Housing Committee is up to.

But above all else, we have a place to honor those no longer with us through Chapter Eternal.

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  12. FREE TEKE TATTOO for anyone who makes it out to San Diego!

  13. Site looks Great! What a good way to stay in contact.
    YITB, Nate #230

  14. Mike Johnson says:


    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Alumni Weekend!

    Mike #251

  15. Nicholas Smith says:

    Site looks really good, nice job guys!

  16. Mike Castagnola says:

    Great work on this site! You did good… I, like many alumni, really appreciate your efforts with this site. YITB, Mike #69

  17. Doug Wills says:

    I love that this site is up and it looks great! It’s really been nice getting back in touch after so long. I wish I could make the alum weekend but I’m leaving for a trip over China that weekend. I’d much rather be shuffling off to Buffalo! YITB DW #77

  18. Seth Shenkman says:

    I look forward to seeing what comes next. This is a fantastic site! Nice work!

    YITB #187

  19. Thank Ken White, He’s the guy behind the keyboard putting all together.

  20. Good job Musky, its pretty cool that this links up with face book.

  21. this is a great idea! Have and always will be proud to be a TKE.

    DJ 231

  22. Adam, This is just the start of a ever evolving web experience. Please keep in touch.

  23. Adam L. Bear says:

    This site is looking great. I hope that you keep it up and running for a long time to come.

    Adam L. Bear
    Scroll # 213

  24. I think the Chapter Eternal page is the most important page on the site, it honors those of us from Pi Mu that have passed, Thanks for including this on our web site.

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