Scroll Notes

We believe the scroll posted here is correct in our humble opinion.  If you feel a number is incorrect please contact Musky.

Currently the hyperlink on a Frater’s name indicate that they are featured on the Teke of the Week page. Some Fraters, myself included have expressed a desire to see the scroll  with a “hyperlink” on each Fraters name that would then direct you to an information page for each member.  This is totally possible and might be in the future plans.  Our hesitation on this is due to our feeling that we need to create “a sign in” to control that only registered Pi Mu fraters are allowed to see that data.  (We all get enough stuff from spammers and unsolicited phone calls). When we eventually register Fraters to the site we will gather information in the registration application to kill two “Yellow Birds” in one shot.  In summation, it’s on the To Do List.

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2 Responses to Scroll Notes

  1. Tim Graham says:

    Ken – Nice work on the site big dog!!!

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