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Mike Castagnola #69, graduated from Buffalo State College in December 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Mike pledged TKE at Buffalo State in the Fall of 1985, Nu pledge class, after transferring from Nassau Community College.

During his tenor as an active member, Mike was always very dedicated to the chapter as he was honored to hold such positions as Histor, Hypophetes and Epi Prytanis during every semester while he was an undergrad. Mike was also honored to have two little brothers, Rich Henn and Dave Jones. However, his closest lifelong friend is the legendary Warren Klein. Mike has two TKE legacy’s, his nephews, Phillip Cusumano, Pi Mu and Tom Lindner, SUNY Albany.

Glenn "Bundy" Hoffman, Mike Adams, Mike Castagnola, Larry Furer

Almost immediately after graduation from Buff State, Mike started his career with the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, as a Correctional Officer in Danbury Connecticut. Over the next twenty-three years, he has accepted several promotions and advanced to higher levels of responsibility. Mike, now is the Case Management Coordinator at the United States Penitentiary in Allenwood, Pa. He is looking forward to his possible retirement in 2013 after twenty-five years in federal law enforcement and then onto the next career !

Whenever you speak with Mike, he never hesitates to tell you about his two wonderful children, Theresa, 20 and Maria, 17. Theresa is a junior at St. Johns University in Queens, New York and Maria is a high school senior/college freshman as she is enrolled at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pa. Mike is extremely proud of his daughters and can only hope that they grow up to be as happy in their lives as Mike is in his. Several of Mike’s hobbies consist of working on his house, traveling, classic cars, boating, maintaining friendships and watching the Yankees!

Mike at Yankee Stadium with his daughters.

Mike has lived in Lewisburg, Pa. for the last nineteen years, however, he never forgets his roots as being from Bayside, New York and Valley Stream, LI. and will always consider himself a New Yorker ! Mike will always acknowledge that TKE was the best part of his college life ! Mike reflects that “The friendships and fun were never ending. Pledging was crazy and I thought it was never going to end. Everything we did was a blast ! Even the meetings were filled with jokes and laughing !” Mike appreciated the focus on academics, proper diet and exercise during pledging and┬áremembers acting “silly” alot… mostly due to something dumb Jon Somonian, one of my pledge brothers, had said to an active. Mike initially pledged TKE because he liked the jackets, never knowing what excitement was to come !

One of his favorite college motto’s is TKE FOR LIFE !

Mike Castagnola
Case Management Coordinator
United States Penitentiary
PO BOX 3500

(570) 547-9233
(570) 547-9224 FAX

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3 Responses to Mike Castagnola – Teke of the Week

  1. Mike,
    Nice Pic. Do you remember where we were?
    Glad to see and read that everything work out for you and your family.You look the same. YITB #58

    • admin says:

      I think that photo was taken after a TKE meeting. Everyone was dressed up because our little sisters were invited to participate in some celebration afterwards. I was a pledge, so it would have been the Fall of 86.

      On another note… I added some new photos today to the photo album. There is one of you Bundy, that is my all time favorite. The weekend the photo was taken was such a fantastic time for all and re-enforced why I pledged TKE. Check it out!!

      YITB #79

    • Mike Castagnola says:


      I believe it was little sister induction that night. I have some other pictures of that night with Michelle and Jodie all dressed up….That was a fun night I remember !…..as they all were !

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