Matt Chichelli – Teke of the Week

Hello Guys,

My name is Matt Chichelli.

My Scroll #is 246.

A great memory I have from TKE is going to College Camp the month after I became a brother. It was a great weekend with my new brothers and I will always remember it.

Currently I’m working as the Photo Operations Manager for Cashman Photo at Bellagio.

I have lived in Las Vegas since Jan 2006 when Cashman Photo hired me out of college to come and work for them.

Our company has a staff of 40 photogrpahers and 25 cinematographers. I manage a staff of around 30 at the Bellagio. We shoot, weddings, events, gaming tournaments and anything else that the casino needs.

I got married in July 2010 to Sabrina Allen.

Bellow are a few photos of us.

Matt & his wife Sabrina Allen

Matt & Sabrina

You may contact me at:

Matt Chichelli

Check out Matt’s Web Site: it has lots of great photography on it.

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