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What great memories of the days that started for me as a freshman at the Pi Mu chapter of TKE at the State University College at Buffalo.   

A big shout out goes out to Joe Providenti and Butch Corcoran for recruiting me and our gang to join and be part of the revolution. From Greek night on Wednesday nights and $7 cases of splits and $5 all you can drink happy hours at the Masthead, we were all out there supporting each other and having a great time together with one mission in mind.   

My pledge name was “Mr Do” and the scroll number is the Golden Number 50! I graduated in 1987 with a degree in Broadcasting/Journalism… If you want to play bubble hockey against me… Good luck… My hat goes off to the Pi Mu chapter founding fathers and of course Tommy who was always there to guide the chapter.   

Great memories of Dennis Albert cooking wings at the Evergreen (I still don’t know what he was saying half the time). Great memories (or lack of) of spinning the wheel at Cassidys or ending up at the Third Base for a quiet cocktail or two…   

As for life since Pi Mu, its been a whirlwind of excitement… Lived in NYC area for many years and have worked in the advertising and television business for almost 25 years. Wow, I am getting old… Married with a great wife (Wendy) for almost 18 years now and one great amazing beautiful daughter who is turning 15 in a few weeks…   

Daughter Samantha, Mark & Wendy

About 7 years ago we decided to change things up and moved out to Portland, Oregon where I have been working at both the NBC station and Fox Station in various Sales Management roles… Great lifestyle and amazing country out here so if anyone is out in the area and wants to Golf or Ski in the same day, this is the place to do it… Give me a shout as I have great seats at the Blazer games too. Life is good and I am so happy to still keep in touch with so many of my good friends even after all these years… I lead a simple life and enjoy playing golf about twice a week (I am not very good)…   

Mark teeing off

I still root for the Mets and Jets (This could be our year) and have a amazing dog that I forgot to mention up top that is a Pug (Don Powell is jealous of her).  

Family with our Pug!

So much to do out here in Oregon and experience the other side of the country… As for some of the pictures that I have included, they personify my current (Wife Wendy and Daughter Samantha) and past life as some of you know it…   

Joe Amirato, Evan Schaffner, Adam Wolensky and Mike Seidel

My boys up in Buffalo, Joe, Mike, Adam and Evan from Tower 4 as well as Don Powell and the Joe Prekker (Champ)…  

Joe Prekker Pouring Don Powell a Funnel

Who can forget the night they told us we had to remove our custom built bar out of the suite???   

We also did share a special night with Otis Day and the Band (filmed here at the University of Oregon by the way)… That goes out to my Hawley house boys Larry (name a Yankee) Jasinover and Larry Furer…  

Otis Day and Mark

To all of you out there, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you can have some of the great amazing experiences that I am fortunate enough to have over the past few years… Keep in touch…   

Mark Handwerger (YITB)  

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