Lost Fraters

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As the Pi Mu chapter gets older and older, its been tough keeping track of everyone.

Please review the list below. If you have any clues on any lost Fraters i.e. know information about someone. Please fill in as much information as possible on this form. (We would really like to capture some email addresses at the very least) Thank You.

The Fraters below are Totally LOST with no phone, address or e-mail.

9     Robert C. Quinn
10   Robert O. Beasley
11    Joseph W. Ladula
12    John R. Hoffman
29    Anthony J. Tambasco
30    Timothy J. Welch
32    Raymond Ayalla
34    John T. Keenan, III
35    Brian Quinn
47    Sean E. Corcoran
48    Francis McGovern
51    Larry Armstrong
54    Adam Wolensky
62    Scott Pokal
65    Robert McLaughlin
68    Brian Najuch
72    John L. Simonian
78    Edward D. Woods, III
101  Richard L. Person, Jr.
117  Frank A. Fasanella
123  Joseph Hernandez
130  David G. Weiss
148  Brent D. Obergfell
151  James Fincuane
152  Carmen Drozdowski
153  Mark Mergenhagen
155  Joseph Lamoureux
156  Steven Chiest
157  Brandan Hartigan
160  Bruce W. Anderson
171  Dave Palumbo
179  William V. Keifman, Jr.
206  Steven M. Perlman
220  Bill Wilson
221  Tova M. Vang
226  Andrey T. Tookes
239  Brian A. Thrush
247  Eric Galipeau
248  Michael Ackerman
Mark Miranda
Randy Phillips

For the Fraters below, we have an address (may be valid or parents) but we don’t have an email address.

5      Timothy J. McFarland
16    Paul Valerio
21    Scott S. Brown
31    Daniel G. Wilber
38    Todd P. Barnstead
66    Scott Spence
73    Robert DeGrasse
76    Mitchell A. Sher
85    Paul Corraine
88    Guy Vadala
89    Dennis E. Kennedy
92    Richard W. Burns
93    Todd C. Comfort
100  Robert W. Macomber
102  Douglas Miller
109  Joseph Cummings
110  Bill Ganley
111  Chris Habschied
113  Matt Roach
131  Jeff W. Hutt
136  David M. Bell
140  Timothy J. O’Grady
141  Jason B. Hlasnick
149  Michael A. Klem
150  Joseph K. McKenzie
167  Kurt McCarthy
168  Russell Conley
172  Greg Passamore
173  Tim Pegelow
174  Joe Richer
181  John M. Cox
184  Jonathan Chen
189  Joseph E. Smith
190  Nicholas Albanese
194  Vinny Miranda
205  Hipoj Issariyaves
207  Donald A. Clark
208  Scott A. Russo
212  Robert F. Sekulski
216  Luke P. Stearns
218  Sungchi Yu
222  Aaron N. Clar
223  Erik R. Schlegel
224  Thomas Tucker
227  Joshua I. Plante
234  Ilan Stern
235  Luke M. Fisher
250  Jay Coleman
252  Andrea Rega
255  David Burton
257  Michael Adler
258  Radu Munteanu
264  Ravi Dabiesingh
267  Joshua G. Smith
274  Michael Fallacaro
299  Nicholas Ward
301  Patrick Quigley
302  John Alberici
306  Jeffrey Weise
312  Jake Glaser
314  Craig Mullins
320  Eric Borawski
324  Cody McNally
328  Travis Grodin

Even if your name isn’t here, it is encouraged that you update your personal information. Click Here to Update Your Information

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