Liability Insurance

All National Fraternities require liability insurance for every individual chapter.

When it started in the late 80’s we could buy our insurance for a modest cost, however now it is very expensive to buy. The cost is almost $6,000.00 for 2010 alone.  (That is about $250 dollars per member).

As a chapter advisor, this has been a very difficult situation to manage. You can imagine trying to balance the excitement of a young Frater trying to have a good time, with trying to mentor them to maintain good judgment and behavior that won’t put the chapter and the young person in a difficult position.

By stressing risk management to the Chapter, we have been able to weather the storm of the last twenty years. The big problem is we are cash poor after paying all our mandatory bills. This is where Alumni donations could help us offer more opportunities to the fraters and maintain our legacy.

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