Teke of the Week – Timothy Hoch

I pledged in the Fall of 1997 when there was a great transition within the Pi Mu chapter. Frater Gary Macri’s little brother, Troy Macri, was entering the school that year. Initially, I had no intentions of pledging a fraternity, as I was just happy to be in school and on the right path, after putting my parents and family through a lot in high school. However, the bond and persuasion of Troy and others left me no other choice then to pledge TEKE.

We all had the “best time we’d never like to do again” when pledging, as there was 11 or 12 of us! Our pledge class was different than the incumbent fraters of Pi Mu and brought a new life to the chapter. This was great for Teke as a lot of Fraters were graduating and getting ‘long in the tooth’. We had a great slogan, as we were the Alpha Zi pledge class. Our slogan was “Alpha Zi, do or die”. We immediately made an impact on campus as the biggest pledge class. Everyone knew TEKE that year and for many years to come.

I ended up leaving Buffalo State four years later in the Spring of 2001, with my soon to be wife Danielle DiGaetano. I met her at a ‘tie-me up / tie me down” mixer! She was in the Phi Sig sorority. We are still married today and have been together for over 13 years. The main reason for transferring was that I had a great professor at Buffalo State that rekindled my passion in Business and Accounting. Sense Buffalo State didn’t have Accounting as a major, I transferred to a great school in South Carolina, The College of Charleston. I had a great time there, but my wife got pregnant and we moved to Rochester NY two years later.

As my daughter was born, I was working as a waiter, ‘Temping’ as an Accounting Clerk, and finishing off my Accounting Degree at SUNY Brockport. From that degree I have worked for organizations such as Paychex and Frontier, to name a few. I have now been a Financial Analyst for over eight years and currently work for Hillside Family of Agencies.

Hillside is a non-profit organization that generates over $130 million dollars in Revenue, the biggest in Western & Central NY. I manage a budget consisting of over $105 million and meet with the Regional Leaders throughout the Central and Western Regions. It can be challenging at times, as I am trying to teach Regional Managers, who have their degrees in social work, about how to balance their budgets with limited resources. I report directly to the Director of Finance and consistently get outstanding reviews. If anyone at the Pi Mu chapter needs a reference or sees an opening they would like to pursue at Hillside.com, feel free to email me, and I will send your resume to the Regional Leader directly. That doesn’t guarantee you the job, but it will most definitely help, especially if it is an entry level position.

To recap, Pi Mu has introduced me to my wife, who has given me two beautiful children, the greatest gift I have in this world. It has also given me lifelong friends. Everyone in my wedding party who was wasn’t blood family was part of the TEKE family. There is still a strong bond between us all, and we do our best to keep in touch. One of the nicest traditions we have is that Jay Pritchard still gets everyone together on his land in Oswego for Harbor Fest. There are fraters who fly in from Florida to attend! It truly isn’t about the party, but more about getting together and laughing like we used to do. I wouldn’t change anything about my days in Buffalo State except maybe that the four years went by too fast. I owe a lot to Musky and the Pi Mu chapter who have given me, not only some of my happiest moments as a young adult, but also life long friends that will stand the test of time…YITB

Warm Regards,

Timothy Hoch
(a.k.a. Timberland… pledge name Kasper #211)

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Teke of the Week – Geno Pachetti

I attended Buffalo State College in the fall of 1992 and being a commuter wanted to stay active while in college and joined the Rugby Team. Over the next three years, I met several members of TKE and in the fall of 1994 I pledged the fraternity. I remained an active frater until graduation, holding the offices of Grammateus, Hegemon and Prytanis. During this time, we saw an increase in participation, paid National and most importantly saw an increase in our membership.

Moving on with our lives, people move, family and careers take over and contact is lost and all we have is the memories. The most important part of being a TKE for me was the people I met and the friendship that were made. To this day I keep in touch and remain friends with many of guys who were members of TKE during my time. If we remember anything it should be friendships that were made and the great times that were had.

Upon graduation, I moved into the workforce and am currently employed by Farmers Insurance. I am married, have recently vacationed in Europe and now live in Cheektowaga, NY.

Geno Pachetti
Scroll #182

Geno Pachetti with the guys... Left to right Fraters in the picture are: 1 Dave Hoy, 2 Todd Watson, 5 Geno, 6 John Copas, 9 Gary Macri

Geno with his Bride


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Mark Handwerger – Teke of the Week

What great memories of the days that started for me as a freshman at the Pi Mu chapter of TKE at the State University College at Buffalo.   

A big shout out goes out to Joe Providenti and Butch Corcoran for recruiting me and our gang to join and be part of the revolution. From Greek night on Wednesday nights and $7 cases of splits and $5 all you can drink happy hours at the Masthead, we were all out there supporting each other and having a great time together with one mission in mind.   

My pledge name was “Mr Do” and the scroll number is the Golden Number 50! I graduated in 1987 with a degree in Broadcasting/Journalism… If you want to play bubble hockey against me… Good luck… My hat goes off to the Pi Mu chapter founding fathers and of course Tommy who was always there to guide the chapter.   

Great memories of Dennis Albert cooking wings at the Evergreen (I still don’t know what he was saying half the time). Great memories (or lack of) of spinning the wheel at Cassidys or ending up at the Third Base for a quiet cocktail or two…   

As for life since Pi Mu, its been a whirlwind of excitement… Lived in NYC area for many years and have worked in the advertising and television business for almost 25 years. Wow, I am getting old… Married with a great wife (Wendy) for almost 18 years now and one great amazing beautiful daughter who is turning 15 in a few weeks…   

Daughter Samantha, Mark & Wendy

About 7 years ago we decided to change things up and moved out to Portland, Oregon where I have been working at both the NBC station and Fox Station in various Sales Management roles… Great lifestyle and amazing country out here so if anyone is out in the area and wants to Golf or Ski in the same day, this is the place to do it… Give me a shout as I have great seats at the Blazer games too. Life is good and I am so happy to still keep in touch with so many of my good friends even after all these years… I lead a simple life and enjoy playing golf about twice a week (I am not very good)…   

Mark teeing off

I still root for the Mets and Jets (This could be our year) and have a amazing dog that I forgot to mention up top that is a Pug (Don Powell is jealous of her).  

Family with our Pug!

So much to do out here in Oregon and experience the other side of the country… As for some of the pictures that I have included, they personify my current (Wife Wendy and Daughter Samantha) and past life as some of you know it…   

Joe Amirato, Evan Schaffner, Adam Wolensky and Mike Seidel

My boys up in Buffalo, Joe, Mike, Adam and Evan from Tower 4 as well as Don Powell and the Joe Prekker (Champ)…  

Joe Prekker Pouring Don Powell a Funnel

Who can forget the night they told us we had to remove our custom built bar out of the suite???   

We also did share a special night with Otis Day and the Band (filmed here at the University of Oregon by the way)… That goes out to my Hawley house boys Larry (name a Yankee) Jasinover and Larry Furer…  

Otis Day and Mark

To all of you out there, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you can have some of the great amazing experiences that I am fortunate enough to have over the past few years… Keep in touch…   

Mark Handwerger (YITB)  

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David “Captain K” Klaus – Teke of the Week

My Time with Pi Mu…

I was walking across campus one day in 1980 on my way to a class.  I decided to stop by the student union to grab a quick bite to eat.  I was approached by Frater Mark Mogilski who began to chat me up about TKE. I remember being impressed with how friendly and outgoing Mark was and how right from the start he made me feel like I belonged.  And so it was that I became a member of the Delta pledge class of the TKE colony at BSC. 

I took this commitment to TKE with some serious reservations. After all I was very serious about my studies and was nurturing a solid 3.67 GPA.  Also, I was not very popular in high school, not at all the type one would think of as being a “fraternity type”. To my surprise and joy, TKE was not your ordinary frat.  From the day I pledged, I was treated like a brother.  My new brothers cared about who I was and not who they thought I should be.  They helped me to celebrate my talents and achievements, and just like my own natural brothers they teasingly helped me to laugh at my eccentricities.  My worries on all fronts were unfounded. 

The semester that I pledged TKE was the only semester in my college career that I hit the big 4.0 GPA.   I was dubbed “Captain K” which I thought was sort of cool until I found out it was short for Captain Kangaroo.   You younger folks might want to google this. 

I was nominated for the office of Crysophylos by Frater John Hoffman and elected by the brothers.  The colony was in major debt and John who had been the previous Crysophylos had reduced it significantly but we still owed a few thousand dollars.  Since we could not become a chapter until we were debt free I had my work cut out for me.  I really had to ride hard on my brothers with pressure to keep current with their dues and it was not unheard of  for me to be at the door of a party at our house on Grant Street and squeeze dues out of a member before they could enter.

We had a few really lucrative fundraisers, among these was an evening with John Valby at the Pub on Campus. This was back when the drinking age was 18 and beer was allowed on campus.  Teke had a good relationship with the local distributor and ran the beer concession for several campus events. 

Well, while other great minds were busy rushing new members and drafting our petition I helped to get us financially ready to become a chapter.

It was all worth it because the second most memorable day in my life, second only to my wedding was in April of 1982 when my brothers and I were initiated as the charter members of the Pi Mu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Buff State and the beautiful Red Carnation Ball that followed.

Frater David “Captain K” Klaus
Scroll # 17

Frater David “Captain K” Klaus

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Matt Chichelli – Teke of the Week

Hello Guys,

My name is Matt Chichelli.

My Scroll #is 246.

A great memory I have from TKE is going to College Camp the month after I became a brother. It was a great weekend with my new brothers and I will always remember it.

Currently I’m working as the Photo Operations Manager for Cashman Photo at Bellagio.

I have lived in Las Vegas since Jan 2006 when Cashman Photo hired me out of college to come and work for them.

Our company has a staff of 40 photogrpahers and 25 cinematographers. I manage a staff of around 30 at the Bellagio. We shoot, weddings, events, gaming tournaments and anything else that the casino needs.

I got married in July 2010 to Sabrina Allen.

Bellow are a few photos of us.

Matt & his wife Sabrina Allen

Matt & Sabrina

You may contact me at:

Matt Chichelli

Check out Matt’s Web Site: http://MattChichelli.com it has lots of great photography on it.

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Doug Wills – Teke of the Week

Hello, my name is Doug Wills, scroll #77.  I was one of the Omicron Pledges.  My pledge name was Gomer (Thanks a lot Mike Castagnola for recently reminding me of that…).  I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree in the summer of 1988 from Buffalo State. 

There is a lot that I’ve forgotten but there were some real good times had that I will never forget while I was a Teke at Buff State.  Like the Otis Day concert and everything that followed the next 12 hrs. or so, and who could forget the weekend at Allegheny State Park while I was a pledge.

I was married in the summer of 1987 to Stacey.  After I graduated, we moved to Jamestown NY and my first real job was working as a Product Engineer for Blackstone Corp.  Soon after we moved into our first house we had our one and only child, a Son named Matthew.  We’ve moved between NY, Pennsylvania, and Michigan about 15 times, finally planting our feet firmly in Brighton Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Funny story, I actually ran into Ken Chassin in the old Detroit airport once while we were both traveling for work.  He was hopping down out of a shoeshine booth and I recognized his voice as I was walking by.  Small world! 

I’ve worked for the same company now, Thermal Dynamics Corp., for over ten years making my way through the ranks to my current position of Vice President of Engineering and Sales.  My job continues to take me all around the country and around the world but I enjoy most of my time-off in Upstate NY. 

Our Son is 6’8” now and is in his second year of College at Grand Valley State University studying Criminal Justice.  After he finishes his Bachelors degree, he plans to go to a police academy so he can qualify to be State Cop.  He was fortunate enough to get Stacey’s brains and is doing real good.   Thank goodness he didn’t take on any of my bad habits!

Doug, Stacey & Matthew

About 5 years ago, my Wife and I bought some property on Seneca Lake and then shortly afterwards bought an old Victorian home just a few miles from the lake property.  We have been “bringing her back to life” so I guess you could say that has been my main hobby lately.  Now we stay there during the summer and holidays and finally get to enjoy the lake and the wineries that are in the Finger Lakes Region. 

Stacey is an Elementary School Teacher and has the summers off so she spends all of her warm-weather time there and I come in for quick visits when I can.  It actually keeps our marriage strong, I feel like the Milkman!  I still love to ride motorcycles although my off-road riding/racing days are over.  I’ve been fortunate enough to ride with a lot of NASCAR celebrities and have been able to help raise money for the Victory Junction Gang Camp for many years. 

Back in 2003 I rode from Mooresville NC to Milwaukee during the Harley Davidson 100th anniversary with a bunch of guys.  Our company designs and manufactures all the oil coolers Harley Davidson so they treat me real special.  This is the part of my job that I really love.

I was really looked forward to the Alum. weekend that’s coming up but unfortunately I’ll be leaving that same weekend on a trip out of the country for work.  Next year I’m going to make an effort to catch up with as many of you as I can and maybe even attend a meeting at school.

Doug & his wife Stacey

You may contact me at:

10237 Abrams Fork
Brighton, MI 48114

T 810-844-0454


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Mike Castagnola – Teke of the Week

Mike Castagnola #69, graduated from Buffalo State College in December 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Mike pledged TKE at Buffalo State in the Fall of 1985, Nu pledge class, after transferring from Nassau Community College.

During his tenor as an active member, Mike was always very dedicated to the chapter as he was honored to hold such positions as Histor, Hypophetes and Epi Prytanis during every semester while he was an undergrad. Mike was also honored to have two little brothers, Rich Henn and Dave Jones. However, his closest lifelong friend is the legendary Warren Klein. Mike has two TKE legacy’s, his nephews, Phillip Cusumano, Pi Mu and Tom Lindner, SUNY Albany.

Glenn "Bundy" Hoffman, Mike Adams, Mike Castagnola, Larry Furer

Almost immediately after graduation from Buff State, Mike started his career with the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, as a Correctional Officer in Danbury Connecticut. Over the next twenty-three years, he has accepted several promotions and advanced to higher levels of responsibility. Mike, now is the Case Management Coordinator at the United States Penitentiary in Allenwood, Pa. He is looking forward to his possible retirement in 2013 after twenty-five years in federal law enforcement and then onto the next career !

Whenever you speak with Mike, he never hesitates to tell you about his two wonderful children, Theresa, 20 and Maria, 17. Theresa is a junior at St. Johns University in Queens, New York and Maria is a high school senior/college freshman as she is enrolled at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, Pa. Mike is extremely proud of his daughters and can only hope that they grow up to be as happy in their lives as Mike is in his. Several of Mike’s hobbies consist of working on his house, traveling, classic cars, boating, maintaining friendships and watching the Yankees!

Mike at Yankee Stadium with his daughters.

Mike has lived in Lewisburg, Pa. for the last nineteen years, however, he never forgets his roots as being from Bayside, New York and Valley Stream, LI. and will always consider himself a New Yorker ! Mike will always acknowledge that TKE was the best part of his college life ! Mike reflects that “The friendships and fun were never ending. Pledging was crazy and I thought it was never going to end. Everything we did was a blast ! Even the meetings were filled with jokes and laughing !” Mike appreciated the focus on academics, proper diet and exercise during pledging and remembers acting “silly” alot… mostly due to something dumb Jon Somonian, one of my pledge brothers, had said to an active. Mike initially pledged TKE because he liked the jackets, never knowing what excitement was to come !

One of his favorite college motto’s is TKE FOR LIFE !

Mike Castagnola
Case Management Coordinator
United States Penitentiary
PO BOX 3500

(570) 547-9233
(570) 547-9224 FAX

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Russ Colchamiro – Teke of the Week

Russ Colchamiro was a member of the Phi Class Fall 1989. He was an active member, including one year as the chapter’s Treasurer. He graduated with a B.S. in Secondary English Education.

Russ at 1992 RCB

After his student teaching days in Buffalo, Russ traveled throughout Europe — including his final semester abroad in Manchester, England — and upon his return launched a career in the media. He spent several years as a medical journalist and editor, and after launching a consultancy, returned to the magazine business as the Executive Editor of Commercial Property News, covering the commercial real estate industry nationwide.

Since then he made the switch to public relations and corporate communications. He worked in-house for CB Richard Ellis, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, and now as a key executive with a specialty communications firm, represents several real estate companies, including Colliers International, the world’s third largest real estate services organization.

Russ is married to Liz, and has twin babies, Nathan Andrew and Abby Hannah, who were born in August 2010. He also has a fun-loving dog named Simon who looks out for the twins as if they were his very own. They live in Forest Hills, Queens.

Russ is now set to launch his first novel, the humorous sci-fi romp Finders Keepers.

For fans of goofy science fiction and fantasy classics such as Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, plus TV shows and movies such as LOST, Quantum Leap, Eureka and The Big Bang Theory, Finders Keepers mixes comic-book style and chapter-to-chapter cliffhangers with humor, pathos, outrageous characters and time-bending, galaxy-twisting pratfalls.

On a backpacking trip through Europe, New Yorker Jason Medley and New Zealander Theo Barnes stumble through hash bars and hangovers; religious zealots and stalkers; food poisoning and thunderstorms; cute girls; overnight trains—and the specter of adult responsibility!

But when a jar of the Universe’s DNA falls from Eternity, these new friends find their loyalties put to the test … unaware that a motley crew from another realm is chasing them across the globe, with the fate of the Milky Way hanging in the balance.

Here are some recent reviews:

“‘Yes’ to Finders Keepers! Russ Colchamiro created a witty, edgy, funny, and adventurous world filled with action, romance and inspiration! Finders Keepers is a great reminder to live life to the fullest !” – Rob Magnotti, Comedian, Late Show with David Letterman

“In Finders Keepers Russ Colchamiro invites the reader on an exciting and truly mad cap journey. An engaging story that entertains with effervescence. Fantasia in print!” -Thomas O’Callaghan, international best-selling author of Bone Thief and The Screaming Room

“An unpredictable tale of cosmic mayhem, fascinating characters, and universal secrets. Finders Keepers proves Colchamiro is a true original.” – James Chambers, author of Resurrection House and The Midnight Hour

For more about Finders Keepers, visit www.RussColchamiro.com, where you’ll find almost a dozen character illustrations and the history of those characters, plus a Q&A about Finders Keepers, how the novel came to be and his partnership with the publisher and cover artist, award-winning comic book creator Rich Koslowski.

Published by 3 Finger Print, Finders Keepers will debut at the NY Comic-Com October 8-10 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, and will be available for sale online through 3 Finger Prints.

Russ with his wife Liz

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Abe Conn – Teke of the Week

Pi Mu days were the Best times, I wish I was still there to pass the gavel.

Thanks Abe

Scroll #57 Graduated 1988


COL Abraham S. Conn was commissioned through the ROTC at Canisius College in May 1987, where he first entered the United States Army. COL Conn entered the National Guard in April 1989.

COL Conn is a graduate of Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

COL Conn was originally branched as a Military Intelligence Officer.  He has attended the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course, Quartermaster Officer Advance Course, Captains Career Course, Command and General Staff Officer’s College and the Pre Command Course. COL Conn is a current graduate of the Army War College, where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies in July 2010.

COL Conn has held the duty positions at the Platoon, Company, Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps, and Joint Staff levels including Tactical Intelligence Officer, Aide de Camp, Infantry Platoon Leader, Infantry Executive officer, Petroleum Supply Officer, Subsistence Officer, Quartermaster Company Commander, General Supply Officer, Support Operations Officer, Logistics Officer, Executive Officer and Battalion Commander. COL Conn has also completed two, 1 (one) year deployments to Afghanistan in support of Operations Enduring Freedom.

COL Conn’s awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal 2nd Award, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal 2nd Award, Army Achievement Medal 2nd Award, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal 5th Award, National Defense Service Medal 2nd Award, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Army Overseas Service ribbon, Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon 2nd Award, NATO Medal for Service in Afghanistan, Florida State Distinguished Service Medal, Florida State Active Duty Ribbon, New York Long and Faithful Service Medal, New York State Counter-Drug Service Medal and the Mississippi Emergency Service Medal. COL Conn is also the recipient of the Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, and the Governors Meritorious Unit Award 2nd Award.

COL Conn is currently the Commander of the 930th Army Liaison Team in Homestead, Florida. COL Conn resides with his wife Mindy in Sugarloaf, Florida. They have two children Emily and Joshua.

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Chris Millis – Teke of the Week

Hi. My name is Chris Millis. Pledge name: Potsie, scroll #137. Why Potsie? I was told it was because the brothers considered me “The All-American Guy.” But remember, the majority of those clowns were perpetually drunk and/or high.

I was in the Psi pledge class, fall 1990. We started with fifteen and crossed with nine. Our mottos were: “Fuck off and die, we’re the class of Psi,” and, “Smoke pot, eat twat, smile a lot.” Which I’m pretty sure we stole from the Phi or Chi class. Nevertheless, I didn’t do very much of the first two while I was in Buffalo. But I did smile a lot — especially when the Bills lost four Super Bowls in a row while I was in town (I’m a Patriots fan which, if you’re a recent arrival to the earth, let me educate you on something: They used to be the worst team in football. Of course, the Bills still are.)

I served as hypophetes, hegemon (for three classes), epi-prytanis, and prytanis (for a long time; perhaps too long). As a sophomore I was in charge of the test file and, let me just say, during my tenure, its content was glorious.

I very much enjoyed my time as a Teke brother at Buff State. TKE was an enormous focus in my college years and I was fully committed to helping the chapter succeed and remain viable for future knuckleheads. I’ve stayed closest to my fraternal little brother, and roommate all through college, Mike Lynch. I have so much dirt on Lynch he has no choice but to keep me close, and happy. Otherwise, I could ruin him.

I played baseball four years at Buffalo State (catcher), and wrote and drew cartoons for the campus newspaper, The Record. I also did some illustrating for a national college paper while still in school and for my hometown paper, The Saratogian, in Saratoga Springs, NY.

I graduated BSC in 1994 with a bachelor’s in art, I think. I’d have to double-check that. I was a solid “C” student. I remember one professor in the art department pulling me aside in the second semester of my senior year and saying, “Millis, where the fuck have you been? You could’ve been the brightest student in this department.” Ah, but that ship had long sailed. I always firmly believed that college would be amazing if it wasn’t for the damn classes.

In October 1996, my best fraternity pal, Rich Holman (Pledge name: Bunyon — as in Paul Bunyon, because he always wore flannel), was killed in an automobile accident in Glynco, Georgia. Rich was seven weeks away from completing the Federal Parks Police Academy and would have graduated on his birthday. He was engaged to a girl that he dated all through college. When I think of Teke at Buffalo State, I think of Rich.

Career & Family
My first jobs out of college were beat reporting, writing editorials, sportswriting, and drawing editorial cartoons for daily newspapers in Rochester and Saratoga Springs. Later, I went on to earn my MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Vermont.

In 1995 I started my work which continues today on the nationally syndicated cartoon feature “Close To Home” with John McPherson, distributed by Universal Press Syndicate to about 500 publications worldwide. I’ve created thousands of freelance illustrations for newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, books, toys — anything that pays cash money, really.

In 2001 I published my first novel, “Small Apartments,” (Anvil Press) which is based on the neighborhoods I used to live in on Buffalo’s west side. In October 2010, “Small Apartments” will be filmed as a motion picture starring Mickey Rourke and Matt Lucas with Jonas Akerlund directing. I adapted the screenplay and am also an Executive Producer. My second, as-yet-unpublished, novel, God & California, was optioned by Lionsgate.

These days I stay busy writing books and screenplays. I’m collaborating with Rob Schneider on his upcoming memoir, as well as on some other projects. I have collaborated on books with Charlie Murphy (Simon & Schuster, 2009) and “Jersey Shore’s” The Situation (Penguin, 2010). I have a dozen or so screenwriting and producing projects in active development.

I’ve been married since 1997. My wife and I dated all through college. We have identical twin sons, Jack and Harrison, born January 2007. I still live in my hometown of Saratoga Springs and travel to wherever the action is.

My best fraternity pal, Rich Holman.

Editors Note: You can read more about Chris on his Blog.

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