TKE goes to Hollywood

One of Pi-Mu’s own, Frater Chris Millis wrote the screenplay for Small Apartments which will be released at theaters on February 8, 2013.

Small Apartments is an American comedy film directed by Jonas Åkerlund. It tells the story of Franklin Franklin, played by Matt Lucas, who by mistake kills his landlord, played by Peter Stormare. The cast co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, Billy Crystal, Juno Temple, Rebel Wilson, Saffron Burrows and Amanda Plummer. The film premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 10, 2012. It will be released in the United States on February 8, 2013 in select theaters (via and February 19th on DVD, Blu-ray & On Demand.

You can read cool film back story’s every day from Chris, w/ memories of Pi-Mu fraters – on his  FB page:

You can also follow Chris at his twitter account @ChrisMillis

Check out the movie trailer here:

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National Honors Pi Mu Chapter

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Facebook Fan Box Deprecated

Many of you may have noticed that your Facebook avatars are no longer showing up in what was once our “Fan Box”.

The reason for this is that Facebook deprecated the Fan Box on June 1, 2012 in favor of the new “Like Box”.

While the features of each are similar, they use different JavaScript APIs. Which probably doesn’t much matter to any of you, unless you are a nerd like me.

So Long story, Short. Your Avatar is gone.  Please click the like button again so you are added to our “Like Box” and we can see your avatar once again  🙂

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Fall 2011 Alumni Pledge Class Donation Challenge

This webmaster caught whiff of a little Alumni Pledge Class Donation Challenge to help out our “bumbling” undergrad actives who haven’t figured out how to pay for their extremely expensive insurance bill due in a few weeks.

This challenge all started with YZ sending out the following email to the Alumni:

Dear Brothers,
The sensational “RHO” pledge class contests the following classes to the 2011 Donation Challenge…..  OMICRON, TAU,CHI, PHI, AND UPSILON.   You have been chosen because either we are smarter and prettier than your class, or because you are a bunch of pansies.
Musky will announce the winner next week.   If you have not already donated, please include your pledge class in the “notes” section of PayPal.
Hope all is well.
Shawn “YZ” Mulvaney #99

Now nothing against YZ or the “ROW whatevers”, but everyone that has ever pledged Pi Mu knows that the Omicrons are the only class with “class”. OOOOOOOOOO!!

So a call out to all Omicrons… Lets show everybody who the best class of all time is!! Its our 25 year Silver Anniversary this Fall as well!

At the time of this writing, Swampy #91 and Jim Webster #96 are the only ones to light the lamp… Come on brothers!!  Donate Now and Win this Challenge!


Below is the list of classes involved in this challenge so far… Anyone else dare to join? How about those wimpy MU’s or NU’s??

Fall 86

74     Jeffrey Hayes
75     Brian K. Sandstrom
76     Mitchell A. Sher
77     Douglas J. Wills
78     Edward D. Woods, III
79     Kenneth J. White
80     Howard B. Schaffer
81     Warren Klein
82     Rich Henn
83     Robert D. Moore
84     James A. Miskines
85     Paul Corraine

Spring 87

88     Guy Vadala
89     Dennis E. Kennedy
90     David J. Clark
91     Eric J. Marsh

Fall 87

92     Richard W. Burns
93     Todd C. Comfort
94     Gregory M. Fylak
95     Rick Lederman
96     James K. Webster
97     David L. Jones
98     Franklin B. Abbott
99     Shawn P. Mulvaney
100  Robert W. Macomber
101  Richard L. Person, Jr.

Fall 88

104     John Ceneviva
105     Richard J. Fiato
106     Charles J. Jewett
107     Sean P. Maloney
108     Robert S. Weiss

Spring 90

122     Douglas J. Gaffney
123     Joseph Hernandez
127     David J. Steckler
128     Ryan F. Osmond
130     David G. Weiss
131     Jeff W. Hutt
132     Jonathan S. Steckler
133     Thomas R. Hogeman
134     Michael P. Barone

Spring 89

109     Joseph Cummings
110     Bill Ganley
111     Chris Habschied
112     Michael Mracek
113     Matt Roach
114     Michael Tempesta
115     Daniel F. Persinger

Fall 89

116     Martin Procopio
117     Frank A. Fasanella
118     Peter M. Mellen
119     Ronald Benchetrit
120     David M. Salbe
121     Robert S. Hachemeister
124     Adam S. Wolff
125     Michael S. Talty
126     Russell J. Colchamiro
129     Bruce F. Brewer, Jr.

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Dear Friend of Pi Mu Needs Prayers

Bonnie Fuller, a dear friend of the Pi Mu chapter of TKE at Buffalo State from the mid to late 80’s needs our help. You may remember her as the happy go lucky cheerleader and member of the AΣT (Alpha Sigma Tau) sorority.

Bonnie’s daughter 3 1/2 year old Tatumn was discovered in September to have a brain stem glioma (DIPG); an inoperable, aggressive brain tumor located in her brain stem.

I’m sad to say that on February 22, 2012  Tatumn lost her battle with this horrible brain tumor and has passed into heaven.

Please read her story, share, say a prayer, sign the guest book at the website below.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated to help offset the expenses that this tragedy has brought on the family.

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TKE Pi Mu is now tweeting

TKE Pi Mu is now tweeting… please follow if you are an active or alumni, so we may find and follow you…!/TKEPiMu

You may also follow here on this web site as well.

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Celebrate our Chapter’s 29th Birthday!!

29 years ago on April 24, 1982 the Pi Mu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was officially born.

Please join us in the celebration of our Chapter’s 29th birthday by giving a present.

Why not donate $19.82 and be honored on our Wall of Charity at the 1982 Pi Mu Founder Level (Works out to be 5 cents a day)…

OR, if you would really like to give the chapter some birthday luck for the next year, we recommend donating at the Horse Shoe Level.

How many Fraters will join us in our Birthday Celebration this year and be honored on our Wall of Charity???

Some Fun Facts of 1982

President: Ronald Reagan
Vice-President: George Bush

Some things that happened nationally in 1982

  • Pi Mu Chapter at Buffalo State College receives Tau Kappa Epsilon charter.
  • Ma Bell forced to split up.
  • Tylenol poisoning scare.
  • The word “Internet” first used to describe the connected pieces of ARPANET.
  • Commodore-64 released.
  • Time Magazine names the personal computer its Man of the Year.
  • Compact Discs introduced.
  • Falkland Islands War.
  • John Hinckley found not guilty because of insanity in Reagan shooting.
  • Liposuction introduced.
  • Vietnam Memorial erected in Washington D.C.
  • First artificial heart transplant takes place, the receipent lives 112 days.
  • Delorean Motor Company goes bankrupt.
  • Cats opens on Broadway.
  • Space shuttle Columbia launched on first mission.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines introduced in Great Britain.
  • E.T. opened at in theaters.
  • First genetically-engineered food approved for sale.
  • Prince William born to Lady Diana.
  • Unemployment hits 10%, highest since 1940.
  • Dow breaks 10,000 for first time.
  • Sun Microsystems founded.
  • MS-DOS first licensed.
  • World’s Fair held in Knoxville, Tenn.
  • USA Today founded.
  • Graceland opened to the public.
  • Braniff Airlines goes under.
  • The first Rambo film, First Blood opened in theaters starring Sylvester Stallone.


US GDP (1998 dollars): $3,242.10 billion
Federal spending: $745.76 billion
Federal debt: $1137.3 billion
Median Household Income (current dollars): $20,171
Consumer Price Index: 96.5
Unemployment: 9.7%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.20


Super Bowl
San Francisco d. Cincinnati (26-21)
World Series
St. Louis Cardinals d. Milwaukee Brewers (4-3)
NBA Championship
LA Lakers d. Philadelphia 76ers (4-2)
Stanley Cup
NY Islanders d. Vancouver (4-0)
Women: Martina Navratilova d. C. Evert Lloyd (6-1 3-6 6-2)
Men: Jimmy Connors d. J. McEnroe (3-6 6-3 6-7 7-6 6-4)
Kentucky Derby Champion
Gato Del Sol
NCAA Basketball Championship
North Carolina d. Georgetown (63-62)
NCAA Football Champions
Penn St. (11-1-0)
World Cup
Italy d. W. Germany (3-1)Cost of Living 1982

How Much things cost in 1982

Yearly Inflation Rate in USA: 6.16 %
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 1046
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve: 11.50%
Average Cost of new house: $82,200.00
Average Income per year: $21,050.00
Average Monthly Rent: $320.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas: 91 cents
New Car Average price: $7,983.00
US Postage Stamp: 20 cents
Vic 20: $299.95
Satellite Receiver: $245.95

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Chapter Letter to Alumni- Spring 2011

March 2, 2011

Dear Fraters,

First off I would like to welcome everyone back to another semester. Secondly I would like to apologize to everyone for getting this letter out so late. My goal as being Histor of the Pi-Mu chapter is to keep you guys regularly updated through our website: so please check that often.

Now I would like to inform everyone on how our chapter currently is doing. Currently we have 20 active brothers with six new candidates which we are extremely excited for. We are taking great leaps forward and making progressive success. This semester we are going push for new fund raising and community service ideas. Our goal is to and earn more hours and stop the struggle we had from the last couple semesters and keep it going in the right direction. We also are going to push formal ritual meetings, at least one a month. If any brother would like to attend please let myself or any other brother know. We usually have meetings on Sundays but if you would like to attend let us know and we could work out a date for a ritual or a regular chapter meeting. Just get a hold of us through our website or Facebook and we will set something up. After all this is what makes us brothers in the bond.

This past weekend Feb. 25-27 four brothers including myself attended the RLC in Baltimore and let me tell you what an experience. It was the biggest RLC in TKE’s history. The networking we have is unreal. After talking to many other brothers we plan on setting many activities up with Niagara University, University of Buffalo, and us on a regular basis. Not only just social activities but community service and a formal get together as well. We also have plans in the future to reach out and travel to other distant chapters as well. Not only did this RLC make me realize what brotherhood is really about it also taught me many ways to make our chapter better that I have discussed with the active brothers that we are going to strive for.

Also just a reminder that our Alumni Spring Fling is Saturday, March 12 4:00pm-9:00pm at 67 west Chippewa St. All are encouraged to go see more on our website

Ethan Borowicz

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Chapter Letter to Alumni- Fall 2010

October 6, 2010

Dear Alumni,

I have been planning to write you guys for a while… But, everytime I sat down to put words on paper something always seemed to drag me away from my computer. College life you know…

As a chapter, we are extremely happy that you guys have a website now and we definitely want to keep you all in the loop on what is going on at Pi Mu.

Below is a brief synopsis of some things we are doing and have done this Fall.

Pi Mu is currently restructuring as far as membership goes. We have six new candidates this Fall in which we are extremely excited for.

We’ve been meeting a lot with our campus advisor “Dr. Nichols” to establish a multitude of community service events in the near future. As a chapter, we are making every effort possible to put our best foot forward and build a reputation as productive men on campus and in the community.

One fundraising event that we are planning is to have a TKE turkey dinner raffle on campus.

Recently we attended the TKE leadership conference held at R.I.T. This was a great event which gave us the opportunity to network with the Fraters from Cornell University, the “Scorpion” Chapter.

Because of that networking, we are now planning a road trip to Cornell University at the end of this Fall semester. We think it’ll be a positive sense of brotherhood on all levels for our new candidates.

But all and all, we are still working on ways to better our chapter and become outstanding men of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

The chapter is looking forward to meeting many of you on Alumni weekend, which is October 16th this year. Hope you can make it.


Felton L. Flowers # 307

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JackAss 3D

JackAss 3D opens in theaters today… If this movie doesn’t make you laugh… You joined the wrong Fraternity.

While watching the movie, keep an eye out for “Lost” Fraters, there probably is a pretty good chance some may be starring in this movie…

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