Attendees of Fall 2010 Alumni Weekend

The following Fraters attended the 2010 Fall Alumni Weekend

Tom Muscarella
Tony Bonn
Karl Gramp
Carmen Todoro
Tim Moran
Rich Ebling
Jerry Muscarella
Dennis Albert
Brian Sanstrom
Ken White
Dave Jones
Rob Weiss
Mike Johnson
Mike Smith
Anthony Calabrese
Trevor Chichelli
Any Szalda
Lucas Scimia
Mike Garofolo
Jorgen Mangor
Jarryd Austin
Dave Yost
Antonio Santarone
Dennis Ackerman
Hugo Pineda
Greg Ferlito
Geof Katz
Nick Ward
Ryan Wagner
Felton Flowers
Jeff Buchman
Craig Mullins
Bobby Paladino
John Aviles
Juan Santana
Kevin Francis
Efres Marmol
Adam Yahn
Paul O’Brien
Justin Li
Matt Augutine
Robert Janosick
Dave Goodman
Adan Sawall
Jeff Ezrin
Matt Markis
Ethan Borowicz

Thank you for your participation, It was nice hanging out with you all.

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