Alumni Dinner- great success!!

October 15, 2011
On a windy Fall day in the city of Buffalo, just about 150 Fraters of Tau Kappa Epsilon hunkered down for a festive evening of Food and Drink at the Armory Restaurant in celebration of Alumni weekend.

A fine buffet of Italian food was served along with the best tasting draft beer available.

Football tickets and Sabres tickets were raffled off along with a few other knickknacks. Part of the raffle included a 50/50 split which ended up being a $100.00 pot. Omicron, “Big B” won the 50/50 and quickly without hesitation donated it all back to the chapter. B’s donation pushed the Omicron class into the lead in the YZ alumni donation challenge. (YZ of the Rho class was busy Rowing in his flooded basement and missed the event & hasn’t countered the donation yet)

(If anyone has photos of the event, e-mail them & I will add them)

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