37 Men

On April 24, 1982 the following 37 men were accepted into the bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and formed the newly installed Pi Mu chapter of the Fraternity at Buffalo State College.

Thomas A. Muscarella
Anthony Bonn
Timothy J. Hastings
Michael P. Brady
Timothy J. McFarland
Karl R. Grampp
David Keiper
Mark D. Mogilski
Robert C. Quinn
Robert O. Beasley
Joseph W. Ladula
John R. Hoffman
Carmen M. Todoro
Rosario Indelicato
David A. Lugo
Paul Valerio
David B. Klaus
Robert G. McIntosh, III
Timothy J. Moran
James C. Nease
Scott S. Brown
Richard C. Ebeling
Jonathan Furer
Jerome P. Muscarella
Thomas P. Redmore
William P. Roge
Thomas P. Rys
Michael W. Sonntag
Anthony J. Tambasco
Timothy J. Welch
Daniel G. Wilber
Raymond Ayalla
Edward L. Falterman
John T. Keenan, III
Brian Quinn
Salvatore L. Muscarella
Thomas J. Mayer
Thomas Tucker

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