Pi Mu 30th Anniversary RCB

April 28th, 2012· 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Armory Tavern
311 Connecticut Street
Buffalo, NY

More Info:
The date, place and time is set for Pi Mu Chapters 30th Anniversary Red Carnation Ball, all we need is you. Set aside April 28th, 2012.  More details to follow.

RSVP on Facebook or drop a note to Musky to let him know your coming.

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Alumni Dinner- great success!!

October 15, 2011
On a windy Fall day in the city of Buffalo, just about 150 Fraters of Tau Kappa Epsilon hunkered down for a festive evening of Food and Drink at the Armory Restaurant in celebration of Alumni weekend.

A fine buffet of Italian food was served along with the best tasting draft beer available.

Football tickets and Sabres tickets were raffled off along with a few other knickknacks. Part of the raffle included a 50/50 split which ended up being a $100.00 pot. Omicron, “Big B” won the 50/50 and quickly without hesitation donated it all back to the chapter. B’s donation pushed the Omicron class into the lead in the YZ alumni donation challenge. (YZ of the Rho class was busy Rowing in his flooded basement and missed the event & hasn’t countered the donation yet)

(If anyone has photos of the event, e-mail them & I will add them)

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Alumni Weekend- Fall 2011


October 15, 2011· 5:00pm – 9:00pm


Armory Tavern

311 Connecticut Street

Buffalo, NY

More Info

The date, place and time is set, all we need is you. Set aside October 15, 2011 for this years event. More details to follow.

$25 Great food, Beer, Raffles. We might even throw in a ritual event that afternoon.

Anyone that can donate stuff for the raffle please contact Tommy.

We will take anything… Tickets, gift certificates, tee shirts, mugs, anything someone can plaster up on a garage or basement wall, you get the idea. Thanks

RSVP on Facebook or drop a note to Musky to let him know your coming.

Click here to check out pictures from last years event.

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Fall 2011 Alumni Pledge Class Donation Challenge

This webmaster caught whiff of a little Alumni Pledge Class Donation Challenge to help out our “bumbling” undergrad actives who haven’t figured out how to pay for their extremely expensive insurance bill due in a few weeks.

This challenge all started with YZ sending out the following email to the Alumni:

Dear Brothers,
The sensational “RHO” pledge class contests the following classes to the 2011 Donation Challenge…..  OMICRON, TAU,CHI, PHI, AND UPSILON.   You have been chosen because either we are smarter and prettier than your class, or because you are a bunch of pansies.
Musky will announce the winner next week.   If you have not already donated, please include your pledge class in the “notes” section of PayPal.
Hope all is well.
Shawn “YZ” Mulvaney #99

Now nothing against YZ or the “ROW whatevers”, but everyone that has ever pledged Pi Mu knows that the Omicrons are the only class with “class”. OOOOOOOOOO!!

So a call out to all Omicrons… Lets show everybody who the best class of all time is!! Its our 25 year Silver Anniversary this Fall as well!

At the time of this writing, Swampy #91 and Jim Webster #96 are the only ones to light the lamp… Come on brothers!!  Donate Now and Win this Challenge!


Below is the list of classes involved in this challenge so far… Anyone else dare to join? How about those wimpy MU’s or NU’s??

Fall 86

74     Jeffrey Hayes
75     Brian K. Sandstrom
76     Mitchell A. Sher
77     Douglas J. Wills
78     Edward D. Woods, III
79     Kenneth J. White
80     Howard B. Schaffer
81     Warren Klein
82     Rich Henn
83     Robert D. Moore
84     James A. Miskines
85     Paul Corraine

Spring 87

88     Guy Vadala
89     Dennis E. Kennedy
90     David J. Clark
91     Eric J. Marsh

Fall 87

92     Richard W. Burns
93     Todd C. Comfort
94     Gregory M. Fylak
95     Rick Lederman
96     James K. Webster
97     David L. Jones
98     Franklin B. Abbott
99     Shawn P. Mulvaney
100  Robert W. Macomber
101  Richard L. Person, Jr.

Fall 88

104     John Ceneviva
105     Richard J. Fiato
106     Charles J. Jewett
107     Sean P. Maloney
108     Robert S. Weiss

Spring 90

122     Douglas J. Gaffney
123     Joseph Hernandez
127     David J. Steckler
128     Ryan F. Osmond
130     David G. Weiss
131     Jeff W. Hutt
132     Jonathan S. Steckler
133     Thomas R. Hogeman
134     Michael P. Barone

Spring 89

109     Joseph Cummings
110     Bill Ganley
111     Chris Habschied
112     Michael Mracek
113     Matt Roach
114     Michael Tempesta
115     Daniel F. Persinger

Fall 89

116     Martin Procopio
117     Frank A. Fasanella
118     Peter M. Mellen
119     Ronald Benchetrit
120     David M. Salbe
121     Robert S. Hachemeister
124     Adam S. Wolff
125     Michael S. Talty
126     Russell J. Colchamiro
129     Bruce F. Brewer, Jr.

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