Teke of the Week – Geno Pachetti

I attended Buffalo State College in the fall of 1992 and being a commuter wanted to stay active while in college and joined the Rugby Team. Over the next three years, I met several members of TKE and in the fall of 1994 I pledged the fraternity. I remained an active frater until graduation, holding the offices of Grammateus, Hegemon and Prytanis. During this time, we saw an increase in participation, paid National and most importantly saw an increase in our membership.

Moving on with our lives, people move, family and careers take over and contact is lost and all we have is the memories. The most important part of being a TKE for me was the people I met and the friendship that were made. To this day I keep in touch and remain friends with many of guys who were members of TKE during my time. If we remember anything it should be friendships that were made and the great times that were had.

Upon graduation, I moved into the workforce and am currently employed by Farmers Insurance. I am married, have recently vacationed in Europe and now live in Cheektowaga, NY.

Geno Pachetti
Scroll #182

Geno Pachetti with the guys... Left to right Fraters in the picture are: 1 Dave Hoy, 2 Todd Watson, 5 Geno, 6 John Copas, 9 Gary Macri

Geno with his Bride


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