Mark Handwerger – Teke of the Week

What great memories of the days that started for me as a freshman at the Pi Mu chapter of TKE at the State University College at Buffalo.   

A big shout out goes out to Joe Providenti and Butch Corcoran for recruiting me and our gang to join and be part of the revolution. From Greek night on Wednesday nights and $7 cases of splits and $5 all you can drink happy hours at the Masthead, we were all out there supporting each other and having a great time together with one mission in mind.   

My pledge name was “Mr Do” and the scroll number is the Golden Number 50! I graduated in 1987 with a degree in Broadcasting/Journalism… If you want to play bubble hockey against me… Good luck… My hat goes off to the Pi Mu chapter founding fathers and of course Tommy who was always there to guide the chapter.   

Great memories of Dennis Albert cooking wings at the Evergreen (I still don’t know what he was saying half the time). Great memories (or lack of) of spinning the wheel at Cassidys or ending up at the Third Base for a quiet cocktail or two…   

As for life since Pi Mu, its been a whirlwind of excitement… Lived in NYC area for many years and have worked in the advertising and television business for almost 25 years. Wow, I am getting old… Married with a great wife (Wendy) for almost 18 years now and one great amazing beautiful daughter who is turning 15 in a few weeks…   

Daughter Samantha, Mark & Wendy

About 7 years ago we decided to change things up and moved out to Portland, Oregon where I have been working at both the NBC station and Fox Station in various Sales Management roles… Great lifestyle and amazing country out here so if anyone is out in the area and wants to Golf or Ski in the same day, this is the place to do it… Give me a shout as I have great seats at the Blazer games too. Life is good and I am so happy to still keep in touch with so many of my good friends even after all these years… I lead a simple life and enjoy playing golf about twice a week (I am not very good)…   

Mark teeing off

I still root for the Mets and Jets (This could be our year) and have a amazing dog that I forgot to mention up top that is a Pug (Don Powell is jealous of her).  

Family with our Pug!

So much to do out here in Oregon and experience the other side of the country… As for some of the pictures that I have included, they personify my current (Wife Wendy and Daughter Samantha) and past life as some of you know it…   

Joe Amirato, Evan Schaffner, Adam Wolensky and Mike Seidel

My boys up in Buffalo, Joe, Mike, Adam and Evan from Tower 4 as well as Don Powell and the Joe Prekker (Champ)…  

Joe Prekker Pouring Don Powell a Funnel

Who can forget the night they told us we had to remove our custom built bar out of the suite???   

We also did share a special night with Otis Day and the Band (filmed here at the University of Oregon by the way)… That goes out to my Hawley house boys Larry (name a Yankee) Jasinover and Larry Furer…  

Otis Day and Mark

To all of you out there, I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you can have some of the great amazing experiences that I am fortunate enough to have over the past few years… Keep in touch…   

Mark Handwerger (YITB)  

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2011 Spring Alumni Event

2011 Alumni Spring Fling

Time: March 12, 2011· 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 67 West (bar’s name… for those not in the know)
67 West Chippewa St
Buffalo, NY

More Info…

Beverages, Food and Fun…
The date, place and time is set, all we need is you. Set aside March 12, 2011 for this years inaugural event. You asked… We answered… Many Fraters have requested a Spring Event since the timing of the Fall event is hard for some to attend.  So, we decided to create an informal event for Brothers in the Spring besides the RCB.

This place is located in the heart of the Buffalo Party Zone, it is also the weekend prior to Saint Patrick’s day and the city will be hopping.

There is Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn and the new Embassy Suites within walking distance for out of town guests (hint hint)

Hope to see you all then. Anyone that can donate stuff for a raffle please contact Tommy.

We will take anything… Tickets, gift certificates, tee shirts, mugs, anything someone can plaster up on a garage or basement wall, you get the idea. Thanks

RSVP on Facebook or drop a note to Musky to let him know your coming.


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JackAss 3D

JackAss 3D opens in theaters today… If this movie doesn’t make you laugh… You joined the wrong Fraternity.

While watching the movie, keep an eye out for “Lost” Fraters, there probably is a pretty good chance some may be starring in this movie…

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David “Captain K” Klaus – Teke of the Week

My Time with Pi Mu…

I was walking across campus one day in 1980 on my way to a class.  I decided to stop by the student union to grab a quick bite to eat.  I was approached by Frater Mark Mogilski who began to chat me up about TKE. I remember being impressed with how friendly and outgoing Mark was and how right from the start he made me feel like I belonged.  And so it was that I became a member of the Delta pledge class of the TKE colony at BSC. 

I took this commitment to TKE with some serious reservations. After all I was very serious about my studies and was nurturing a solid 3.67 GPA.  Also, I was not very popular in high school, not at all the type one would think of as being a “fraternity type”. To my surprise and joy, TKE was not your ordinary frat.  From the day I pledged, I was treated like a brother.  My new brothers cared about who I was and not who they thought I should be.  They helped me to celebrate my talents and achievements, and just like my own natural brothers they teasingly helped me to laugh at my eccentricities.  My worries on all fronts were unfounded. 

The semester that I pledged TKE was the only semester in my college career that I hit the big 4.0 GPA.   I was dubbed “Captain K” which I thought was sort of cool until I found out it was short for Captain Kangaroo.   You younger folks might want to google this. 

I was nominated for the office of Crysophylos by Frater John Hoffman and elected by the brothers.  The colony was in major debt and John who had been the previous Crysophylos had reduced it significantly but we still owed a few thousand dollars.  Since we could not become a chapter until we were debt free I had my work cut out for me.  I really had to ride hard on my brothers with pressure to keep current with their dues and it was not unheard of  for me to be at the door of a party at our house on Grant Street and squeeze dues out of a member before they could enter.

We had a few really lucrative fundraisers, among these was an evening with John Valby at the Pub on Campus. This was back when the drinking age was 18 and beer was allowed on campus.  Teke had a good relationship with the local distributor and ran the beer concession for several campus events. 

Well, while other great minds were busy rushing new members and drafting our petition I helped to get us financially ready to become a chapter.

It was all worth it because the second most memorable day in my life, second only to my wedding was in April of 1982 when my brothers and I were initiated as the charter members of the Pi Mu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Buff State and the beautiful Red Carnation Ball that followed.

Frater David “Captain K” Klaus
Scroll # 17

Frater David “Captain K” Klaus

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Matt Chichelli – Teke of the Week

Hello Guys,

My name is Matt Chichelli.

My Scroll #is 246.

A great memory I have from TKE is going to College Camp the month after I became a brother. It was a great weekend with my new brothers and I will always remember it.

Currently I’m working as the Photo Operations Manager for Cashman Photo at Bellagio.

I have lived in Las Vegas since Jan 2006 when Cashman Photo hired me out of college to come and work for them.

Our company has a staff of 40 photogrpahers and 25 cinematographers. I manage a staff of around 30 at the Bellagio. We shoot, weddings, events, gaming tournaments and anything else that the casino needs.

I got married in July 2010 to Sabrina Allen.

Bellow are a few photos of us.

Matt & his wife Sabrina Allen

Matt & Sabrina

You may contact me at:

Matt Chichelli

Check out Matt’s Web Site: it has lots of great photography on it.

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